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Inversion Tables


An inversion table is a device which allows an individual to be in an upside down position comfortably.This process is carried out as part of a therapy known as inversion therapy.Inversion therapy is a type of treatment in which the patients can either hang upside down or be at an angle which is inverted.


During inversion therapy,the individual first lies on the table when it is in a horizontal position.After lying on the table,their hands and legs are held in place to reduce chances of falling and getting hurt.After this,the table is bent and put in an upside down position,and the person is suspended in that position.This type of treatment has many benefits.The first one is that it is believed to stretch the spinal cord,which in turn relieves back pain.It is stipulated that when the gravity of the body is shifted,pressure eases off the back.This process also provides traction for the spinal cord.


Another benefit of these inversion therapies is that it helps the blood to circulate properly in the body.This goes a long way in ensuring that all body parts receive oxygenated blood.This in turn helps them to function properly because oxygen is crucial for optimum performance.Inversion therapy is used to treat scoliosis.This is a condition where there is an abnormal lateral curvature of the spine.Such a curvature may make an individual unable to walk properly.It may even lead to inability to use limbs properly.


Inversion therapy is crucial in treating sciatica. This  is the an acute, severe, intermittent pain that radiates along a nerve of the sciatic nerve characterized by pain radiating down through the buttocks and the back of the thigh.The inversion table is also crucial in the treatment of chronic lower back pain.


The stretching of the spine is the main reason for inversion therapy.It is believed to prevent future health related issues.It creates more protective fluid around the discs of the spinal cord.It is also essential in the removal of waste from the spinal cord.The patient lies on the inversion table for a number of minutes at a time.The procedure is done repetitively for a few times.Inversion therapy is regarded as a perfect exercise for the whole body.Indigestion is treated when one goes through inversion therapy.Indigestion can have adverse effects such as skin disorders and a feeling of anxiety.Neurotransmitters,which are released by the body during inversion therapy,can make an individual feel better and be in a good mood.This relieves mood swings and depression. To learn more about inversion tables, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQLD4-hG5IE.